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Our Affordable Data Management Services

Data Management is not just inclusive to data entry, catalog management, document managing, data conversion or ocr scanning. It can also include data mining and many affordable data management service. 

Affordable data management

Data Entry

This could be something as simple as inputting product names in a database. Typical projects range from a month to multi-year based on the amount of data entry the clients want done.

Catalog Management​

With the increase of online trade, online stores, e-commerce etc., there is a strong need to have digital catalog management processes. It involves a lot of mundane work such as paper to digital catalog conversion, designing the catalog image,  merging the design elements and updating them with respect to  product features, product prices, product innovations, shipping policies, etc. Cridenza has strong experience in helping manage catalogs for its clients with precision and speed.

data management
data management

OCR Scanning​

Through Cridenza’s OCR scanning services, clients around the world have been able to spare time and costs. Reports such as bills, receipts, bookkeeping articulations and other official papers are filtered and labeled by Cridenza to deliver high quality scans that can diminish office clutter and keep up records carefully for the long term.

data management

Data Conversion methods of Data Management

The multi-level information transformation method changes over unorganized information from one operating system to another. Popular inputs of data include PDF, XML, word documents, HTML, ASCII which are then converted to the desired output formats. With our assistance you can convert your data into a portable and compressed form, make document management easy, allow discarding any and all redundant data, update, access, and shuffle them as soft copies for future reference and usage.

Document Management​​

As the number of reports increments exponentially within the enterprise, there’s a significance to oversee and digitize the archives in order to handle expansive volumes or to archive them. Through our Data Management Services  and document administration services, clients have their documents arranged, categorized, checked, explained, recorded and put away for future recovery at an awfully tall level of speed and precision.

data management

Tactful Data Management Steps Of Cridenza

E-commerce Data Entry​

For businesses that work in ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, or any other. We provide cost-effective solutions.

Image edit & Data Entry​

This involves, scrapping pictures from the internet, uploading and downloading pictures, resize, background change etc . Such projects are critical for many businesses such as ecommerce, retail and wholesale in order to improve their website traffic.

Product & Catalogs Registration​

For ecommerce sites, we assist with updating product and catalog items at efficient and cost-effective prices.

Order Entry & Follow up​

For businesses that have to generate online work orders, we help with creating and assigning them.

Image and Documents Indexing​

Businesses often need to sort and index scanned documents on online databases for later use. We help with indexing scanned images, documents, e-books and e-magazines as well.

Data Export and Import​

Business with online platforms may need to export and import data to their site, outsource such online data entry projects to us at cost effective prices.

Copy, Paste, Sorting and Indexing​

As an online data entry service provider we scrape and index data from online to build databases for client.

Online Data Capture​

Business with online platforms may need to export and import data to their site, we help them in such projects at cost efficient prices.

Indexed Document Retrieval​

We manage document databases for clients, whereby we index, sort, and label documents.

Entry of Receipts & Invoices​

We help with accounting through entry of receipts and invoices in databases or in accounting software.

Audio Transcription Entry​

Audio transcription involves typing transcripts on audio dialogs, which is a must for any video blogs and immensely helps a video blog to be ranked higher in SERPS.

Data Entry of Credit Card Applications

As an online data entry service provider, we do data entry of credit card applications for financial institutions. We also help with indexing any other kind of documents as well.

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